March 06th, 2013

I have added a CVEs section to the site. Here you can see all CVEs that have been assigned to security issues I have found.

January 11th, 2013

The blog is being migrated to Jekyll now, so all posts had to be removed and I am converting them as I have time.
In case you are looking for a specific post or need some help, contact me on typoon[at]

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My Projects

All the code I write and feel like sharing can be found at my github page
The most recent projects I have worked on are:


reclass is a lib for decompiling Java class files back to JVM assembly and for modifying such class files without the need for recompiling them.
With reclass one can write JVM assembly and have that code injected into a class file or one can simply inject the opcodes directly into the class file.


xtrace is a strace alike application that aims to present mor information than strace and have such information organized in files for ease of use, read and parsing.


Boteco is an IRC bot written in Python that aims to be extensible by simply creating python scripts inside the commands directory.